HI! I´m Lucia, I was born in Argentina, but now I live in Portugal in a small village where I have my atelier. I´m a fashion designer and mum of three :)

It´s a pleasure to create something special. That´s why Mamuka was  born. Everything is handmade, in small collections, paying attention to detail and sustainability.

Above all I prefer natural materials, linen, cotton (sometimes organics,
other times certified). For a long time I have collected textiles and now I am finding new uses for them. If I have to get some new materials I get them from small local business or try to up-cycle old ones. I Aim to remove plastic from all the packaging focus on recycling or reusing.

I love to create joyful and unique products for the little ones and the not so little too. Each product is crafted with dedication and love. I´m happy to share them with you!