Simply Red

This cushion is especially suitable for the first months of your baby, in relieving colics and intestinal discomfort. The soft warmth of the cushion stimulates the circulation and helps to relax naturally and safely. Lavender has a smooting action, which relaxes and relieves stress, anxiety and induces sleep.

The cover is removable (organic cotton 100%) and washable and is about 15 x 12 cm, made with grains of wheat and lavender. 

The cushions can be used as hot compress (microwave) or cold compress (freezer).

* As hot compress heat in the microwave about 30 seconds at 600w, check on your skin that it is not too hot for the baby and use it always outside the baby's clothes.

* As a cold compress, leave to freeze in the freezer. Use it after vaccination or to decrease edema and swelling.

13.50 €